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Photographs, by definition, capture and immortalize a small slice of life.
However, there are images that need to communicate motion: a dog running, a train barreling down the tracks, trees blowing in the wind.
Movement can communicate mood: trees rustling in the wind suggest serenity while throngs of people on a busy city block imply harried activity.

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A smile, a detail, a lasting memory! Try to capture a woman's soul with your camera!

Un sorriso, un dettaglio, un ricordo indelebile! Cercate di catturare l'anima di una donna con la macchina fotografica.

Cover photo credit: Simone Soldà

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Finding stripes around the town!

Cover photo credit: Helena Georgiou.

Loveyourpix enhances photography!
The author of the winning photo will:
- be the sole protagonist featured in a newsletter sent to the community;
- have their shot included in the Home page slider for 10 days.